Is the Success of Married Life depend on WEALTH?

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Success in married life leads to wealth in life, not vice versa. so far my thinking, it is not necessary that wealth decides the success of married life. At the beginning of married life wealth seems very important as it gives freedom to the couple to take the risk and on the way, they learn the magic formula to being in love with each other. And to be in love is very much needed in married life.

I would like to narrate two anecdotes that I have experienced in my life.(name changed)

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1 Garju is a farmer, up to this age he has lived in the countryside, farming seasonal crops. He has been married for 30 years. He used to work in his master’s fields as a bonded labourer. As years after years passed, he fell in love with his master’s only daughter. when the news spread about love. Garju and the Master’s daughter are forced to leave the countryside. Both of them did have the wealth to start anything new. only they have, were their bodies. Both of them traveled to unknown places, they worked hard, cut the forest, and built the field for farming. All these things they did together, they spent a lot of time together. They shared, Rainy days, summer days, and winter days with each other. And all these helped them to love each other all the more. How the time passed they could not realize. They did not have wealth in the beginning nor do they have it today, still, their marriage is stuck and stronger. They did so many things together. In a way, they shared a common goal and purpose to live the life they wanted according to their understanding of life.

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2 Biren, who is the son of a famous businessman, had a lot of wealth and was the only heir to the business empire his father owned. He married one of the wealthiest businessmen’s daughters. It was an arranged marriage. Both have many servants to serve them. So they rarely did anything. The only thing, they instructed their servants, was that also differently. After marriage they went on a world tour, enjoying life as it came to them. But after coming back from a world tour, there was nothing much to do. Their business was run by their chosen CEOs. Both of them thought of business according to their upbringings, so their ideas and thought collided, instead of collaborating. And this led both of them to a separate path ultimately they applied……

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Now the question of whether Wealth helps or breaks, may not always break but it is also not the guarantee to successful married life.

When couples share time, energy, and common goal and purposes with struggle, in their marriage life, which helps them to stay together and be in love.




Firoj Kujur is a firm believer in Life Long Learning. He Believes in the Philosophy ‘Still Learning, Lot more to Learn’. He is Self Published Author.

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Firoj Kujur

Firoj Kujur

Firoj Kujur is a firm believer in Life Long Learning. He Believes in the Philosophy ‘Still Learning, Lot more to Learn’. He is Self Published Author.

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