The Love For The Written Words

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Love for the written words, in the form of books (from the school library), newspaper cutting (Samosa’s or Any Snak’s wrapper), pieces of papers from garbage, old magazines (thrown during Deepawali), and whatever way I could get to read. My love for written words grew along with my age. Slowly seeing my name on the book cover also grew.

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Days after days, Years after years passed but my love for words did not get lost. Many times I wanted to write but fear of failure stopped me. But the reading of words continued. More than my clothes, food, and budget I am investing more money in books, Magazines, and various newspapers.

After marriage, my wife supported me so much that she too started buying books for me. She always encouraged me to write but I could not dare to take action. She even bought me a laptop from her savings.

Many times I thought to start but one way or the other I postponed it. But love for words continued. I am not an avid reader but most of my free time I spend reading. I researched many times how to go about writing and publishing but hearing the stories of rejection by many Authors by publishing giants almost I have given up the dream to see my names on the book. Banking jobs again gave me little time. All these things were my mental blocks.

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I have deactivated my Facebook accounts in 2018 as I was spending a lot of time with them. So in Nov 2021, I was surfing Facebook account of my wife I came across Author Coach Ad, Dream got activated in my mind so I joined the Webinar. Enjoyed the Webinar but again no action. So again I enrolled the second time for the webinar Somehow I enrolled in the course. Publithon (Seven-week Challenge for writing and Publishing) was going on so a lot of activities were happening in the Telegram Group and WICC (Weekly Inner Circle Coaching). It made me take action and within two and half months of taking action.

Struggle:’-After finalizing my topic I struggled to choose, here also pen and paper helped me. I outlined the novel and started on ms docs. The Christmas holiday broke my momentum. As a working professional, I always want to spend Christmas with my dear and near ones. So, I stopped writing for two weeks. After the holidays I started again but in between, I was attacked by Corona. So here too I was forced to stop writing for at least a week. this situation affected me and I started doubting myself. Weekly Coaching helped me stay motivated I did not miss a single WC even though I was not an active participant. I felt hesitant to interact and in asking the question but one thing I followed was what I heard from Couch and Community members which helped me in completing my first draft.

The second draft took little time but somehow I managed. It looked a little good. Again I went for my third draft, adding, deleting, and again polishing the draft. All these consumed lots of time. After editing for the third time I request community members, He was busy, so he suggested I should contact another community members, who took another two weeks but gave me some valuable suggestions. I again edited and went through line by line, I was not confident in my grammar so I hired the editor, to some extent I got satisfaction and Published on the KDP Platform. The novel is “They Ride Together”

I managed to complete my manuscript. Now editing was a big challenge, So I hesitantly contacted two fellow authors of my genre and asked for their feedback. I was surprised to get instant help from the Group members. I hired the editor and designer. Formatting is done by myself with the help of Course material. Finally, on the 20th of Feb, I hit the button PUBLISH. “They Ride Together”

Now My Name is Written on the Cover of the book. Seeing this I was on the moon. For a week I enjoyed it. And still enjoying the appreciation from friends and colleagues.

On the way to authorship Few things I learnt which would be great help for any one aspiring to be a author they are , Dream, Take Action, Persistency, and Courage which guide us to be a writer.

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I know my book may not be a superb one but it is still my creation. I have just started the journey, who knows any of the pieces of creation would be a masterpiece.




Firoj Kujur is a firm believer in Life Long Learning. He Believes in the Philosophy ‘Still Learning, Lot more to Learn’. He is Self Published Author.

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Firoj Kujur

Firoj Kujur

Firoj Kujur is a firm believer in Life Long Learning. He Believes in the Philosophy ‘Still Learning, Lot more to Learn’. He is Self Published Author.

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